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psd.file nº 644 - lovotopsds

    hello there ^^ i have a quick question about the application for the new members thingie. The photos we use: do they have to be ours, or we can use anything we find on web? :3

this or this picture

this or this screencap

this or this video

here honey :)


psd #5
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Looks better with scenes/videos with normal brightness and too much yellow;
More examples here and here;
Adjust some layers in your preference.
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Vibrantcolorings 10.

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Vibrantcolorings 10.

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PSD 086 BY PRETTYRESOURCES. Adjust layers if needed. Don’t distribute or claim as your own. Like/Reblog if saving. Likes/Reblogs inspire us too make more. Request psds here and find more psds here. Thank you and enjoy! [MF]


Theme 06 by billieplper - Sunburn

inspired by the Summer’s End Theme Fest

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  • Even though there are two theme options it is the same code; there is a switch in the customization option panel
  • pop up ask REQUIRES your url. You just have to put it into the customization option panel where it says “your url here!”
  • description should be 2 lines (header option) or 5 lines (sidebar option) long. It can be shorter, of course, but it will be cut off if it is longer. It looks best with either two or five lines.
  • since there is a whole lot of jquery in this theme, I will be happy to help you if you have questions/problems/concerns

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↳ this is .psd sixty-four made by throianbells. Like or reblog in the post if you download,likes inspire mePlease don’t redistribute or claim that is yours.You can adjust some layers if necessary. Click here if you want see more resources and if you want make some request click  here. I hope you enjoy. {dl}


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  • Stillps ☆ .PSD NUMBER #32

Psd made by us from stillps; please don’t repost and claim as your own and like or reblog this post if you take. don’t forget,download//cloudapp


PSPETIT » (04) COLORING [ download ].

Hi photoshopers! That’s a psd file with effects for you to use in your edits, I hope you like the content, please like the post or just reblog, i’d appreciate it. Love y’all ♥